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A Money Cake Is Fun For All Ages

A Money Cake Is Fun For All Ages

For a birthday or other special celebration, I love a moist cake that is not too sweet from sugary frosting.  Of course, ice cream is a nice accompaniment.  But for a special celebration, I want a way to liven up the party and make it even more memorable.

I have seen pinata cakes that have candy hidden inside that comes pouring out when the cake is cut.  There are cakes that have different patterns/designs baked into the cake. Cake toppers are a way to customize and personalize the cake.  Now I can combine my cake with a money gift and YOU can, too.

Meet Liv H. who surprised her daughter for her 8th birthday.  Liv took her cake design and the Surprise Box kit with Card Holder cake topper to her local baker (Facebook: Krishna’s Cakes and Creations).  The two-tiered pink drip cake with donuts is made even more special with the money hidden inside. The Card Holder topper is used as the handle to pull the money out.  Watch the reveal below.

Card Holder topper used with Surprise Box kit

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