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Glammed Up Number Toppers

Glammed Up Number Toppers

Our Number Candle-holding toppers have been glammed up!  Here is our Leopard Spot Number topper used with a safari theme birthday cake made by Yunji (New York).  Love the long candle and Fruit Loops! 

Each candle holding number topper has a hole on top that fits a standard 3/16” diameter candle and is reusable,too.  Yunji could purchse a "1" and "0" and be ready for a 13th and 30th birthday!

Our number toppers come in a variety of colors, themes, and color combinations. Yunji's Leopard Print number is Gold with White Trim.  Below, Kathy's Moon & Stars number below is Black with Gold stars and moons.  Of course, you can keep it simple and choose a single color just like Melody's (black).

Kathy's birthday cake for party at a Planetarium and Melody's Farm Themed birthday cake:

Moon & Stars Number Topper


We love sharing our customers' creative cake ideas!  If you have pictures, videos, stories, and comments to share with us, please email us at: 


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