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6 Year Old's Birthday Surprise!

6 Year Old's Birthday Surprise!

We love sharing our customers' creative cake ideas!  Many of our customers bake their own cake while others purchase a cake from a bakery.  You can ask the baker to insert the Surprise Box in the cake or you can do it yourself.  If you do it yourself, it is a good idea to get some extra frosting from the bakery.

Meet Linda F. who wrote:

"I actually bought the cake from the bakery and I cut the hole in it and placed the surprise in the cake. I got some extra frosting and sprinkles from the bakery to cover the hole. I tested the box before I put it in cake and it worked fine. I still worried until he started pulling the money out. It was so worth the effort. The smile and surprise on his face was priceless.  I absolutely will make more surprise money cakes. In fact, I have a request for one in a couple weeks."


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