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Money Cakes for Twins

Money Cakes for Twins

We love sharing our customers' creative cake ideas!  If you have pictures, videos, stories, and comments to share with us, please email us at: 

We continue to share money cake ideas using the Surprise Box kit with Card Holder cake topper. 

Kimberley (Texas) surprised her twins with money cakes for their 13th birthday.  The Card Holder topper held card stock toppers.  We just love how the personalities of each twin shines from their cakes.

She wrote: "It is so easy to put together thanks to the directions and video which explains the process step by step. It worked perfectly!!! I love how small the money box is, where as others are much larger. My kids were so surprised pulling out all the money and had no idea that there was a hidden surprise in the cake until they pulled it out."  

13 years loved money cake13 official teenager money cake

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