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Money Cake Ideas from Nicole and Brinney

Money Cake Ideas from Nicole and Brinney

Our Money Pulling Cake kit (a.k.a Surprise Box) comes with a choice of Birthday, Graduation, or Card Holder cake topper so you can make all your celebrations extra special. Our Surprise Box is reusable. Additional plastic rolls are available.  Use our compatible cake toppers to change things up and continue to surprise your loved ones with a money cake.  (Our cake topper's stake fits into the roll clip of the Surprise Box.)

Nicole (Miami, FL) of Got Bake used our Surprise Box kit with Birthday topper in a creative money-themed money cake (shown above).  

Brinney (Baton Rouge, LA) wrote: "Thank you all for making my daughter's 10th birthday extra special!! I really appreciate the fast shipping and the product was amazing!!"  Brinney personalized the crown topper in white and gold. Watch the money cake reveal! 


We love sharing our customers' creative cake ideas!  If you have pictures, videos, stories, and comments to share with us, please email us at: 


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