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Monopoly Money Cake

Monopoly Money Cake

How did YOU come up with the theme for a special cake?  We would love to hear from you!  Please email your stories, pictures, and videos to:

Meet Melissa who created a cake around her son's love of a board game.  She wrote: "Yes, my son is definitely in a Monopoly board game phase!  I made the cake - one layer of chocolate and a second layer of yellow.   My son didn’t give me any ideas for the cake but only asked that I use whipped cream frosting which is his favorite. Whipped cream frosting can be a challenge to decorate with but I think it came out OK.  My kids thought that it was just a fun tribute to his like of the game and everyone was so surprised when there was real money for passing GO!"

 (Melissa used the Money Cake kit with Card Holder cake topper.)

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