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Highlights of Our Creative Customers!

Highlights of Our Creative Customers!

We have been fortunate to have our family of customers share how they have used our cake toppers for special celebrations or surprised their loved ones with a money cake.  We want to inspire you with their pictures, stories, and comments. 

Many of our customers are home bakers just like us. Then there are customers who have great ideas and take their ideas to their favorite baker/bakery.  We are here to assist you in creating a truly memorable celebration!

Meet Lydia P., a home baker, who used our Surprise Box with customized and compatible Stars Cake Topper.  She wrote: "Thank you so much! So happy with my purchase! I have non existent baking skills but the birthday sign is what makes it look nice! My 14 year old said it was the best cake ever! He loved the money coming out of it!" 

To share your pictures, videos, stories, and comments with us, please email us at:


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