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Special 50th Birthday Surprise!

Special 50th Birthday Surprise!

We love getting together to celebrate birthdays!  And it looks like our customers do, too.  It is wonderful for family and friends to take time out of their busy schedules to make someone feel extra special on their birthday. It is a wonderful time to reconnect and share in a milestone. There is usually yummy food, quenching drinks, lively conversation, an amusing game or two, and CAKE!

Here is a special 50th birthday celebration cake forwarded to us by Roland and created by the cake decorating team at Abby's Bakery, Wadena, MN.  The cake incorporated the Surprise Box with Happy Birthday cake topper.  Do you see the Happy Birthday cake toppper? Right above "Pull Here For Big Surprise."  

Our Surprise Box kit is not limited to a circular layer cake.  As long as the sheet cake is at least 2" high, it can be transformed into a money gifting surprise!

We love sharing our customers' creative cake ideas!  If you have pictures, videos, stories, and comments to share with us, please email us at:

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