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Super Sprinkler with For Goodness Cakes!

Super Sprinkler with For Goodness Cakes!

For over a year, my children and I have had a blast baking for For Goodness Cakes! If you don't know, For Goodness Cakes matches volunteers to make and hand-deliver birthday cakes to foster children and at-risk youth on their birthday.

How did I discover this amazing organization? Well, my son loved the cakes that I made him over the years and he wanted to do the same for these children. After I saw some of the cakes he baked and the custom cake toppers that he made for them, I wanted to volunteer too!

If you love to bake for an amazing cause, check out their website:

Last month, For Goodness Cakes recognized us with "Rising Cake" and "Super Sprinkler" awards. 

for giveness cakes awards and gifts

Here are some of the cakes we've made!  

Stars (in blues and gray) Theme CakeCars Theme CakeFlower Theme CakeFootball Theme Cake21st birthday cakeChocolate Cake

Which cake or cake topper is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!




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