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Gender Reveal Cake with Surprise Box Kit

Gender Reveal Cake with Surprise Box Kit

By far, we sell more Surprise Box kits with the Birthday cake topper.  

Here we share how customers have used the Card Holder cake topper as a handle for the celebrant to pull on to reveal the money or special message hidden inside the cake.  The Card Holder topper is small and can be hidden among the decorations on your cake.

Above is a money cake idea from Amy (New York).  She wrote: " Worked just as I wanted for a gender reveal party."  See the Gold Card Holder topper hidden between the roses.

Gender Reveal using Surprise Box Kit

Here are few more cakes using the Card Holder topper as a handle from Liv and Jennifer:

We love sharing our customers' creative cake ideas!  If you have pictures, videos, stories, and comments to share with us, please email us at: 


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