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Year of the Pig Cake Topper

Year of the Pig Cake Topper

As our family was getting ready for our Chinese New Year dinner, we realized that we should design a cake topper for our sponge cake dessert. The Lunar New Year began on February 4, 2019 and rang in the Year of the Pig. Unfortunately, we did not get our topper printed in time for our dinner but it is definitely ready for your celebrations! 

In our topper, a pink pig sits on top of a red and gold scroll that includes the character for "good luck"/"good fortune". If you know someone born in the year of the pig, surprise them with this cake topper! On the head of the pig is a hole that can fit a standard size (3/16") birthday candle. Light the candle, sing, and a make special birthday wish.

This Year of the Pig cake topper is also a memorable addition to baby showers and Red Egg & Ginger and 100-day baby parties!

We are sharing photos from Rosa J. (Miami, FL), Mandy Y. (New York), and Julie L. (Hawthorne, CA).   Congratulations to Rosa, Mandy, and Julie and their families!


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