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Mouse Foam Soap Adapter Instructions

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**Our product is specifically designed only for the standard Bath & Body Works® foaming soap dispenser. Other dispensers will not work as designed** 

  1. Slide the nozzle of the Bath & Body Works®  foaming soap dispenser into the adapter
  2. Slightly press down on the back of the adapter until it fits snuggly on the soap dispenser
  3. Prime the adapter by pressing down 1-2 times (until soap appears at the end of the adapter). 
  4. Enjoy some magical mouse foam! Keep your hand flat and pressed against the “arms” of the adapter and move your hand with the adapter as it goes down for a full pump. If the soap comes out as a blob, try with a pump less than a “full” pump. (It will take a couple tries to get the hang of it!)
  5. To remove the adapter, squeeze the sides of the adapter base and lift the back of the adapter. And reuse!


Trouble shooting and TIPS!

  1. Hand wash the adaptor (and rinse the inside) after each use to avoid clogs. The adapter can NOT be exposed to high temperatures and is NOT dishwasher safe.
  2. Every Bath & Body Works foaming soap dispenser and solution is different. If your foaming soap is too watery and not thick, you can try adding very small increments of salt water or liquid soap to your solution to increase the viscosity. (Foaming soap is just liquid soap with water!)