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Testimonials from Excited Customers!

Our customers love our products!

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  • Sharon J, California
“The Money Cake is simply the best idea for giving money/gift cards for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. We used them to present the kids with their Christmas money gifts. They were so surprised and had a good time pulling the money out of the cakes. Simply the best presentation around. Thanks for helping us make this the most memorable Christmas ever for our kids.”

  • R.E. Edmonds, Washington
“Well this was so much fun! The parade of bills seemed to be endless..Just wanted to say “thank you” for this marvelously fun product. I hope to use it again and again for grandkids!”

  • Cheri D., Yuma, Arizona
“My daughter asked me in March/April if I would consider making our Grandson a money cake for his graduation from  college. Seeing them on-line was quite a bit involved and transporting it from Yuma to S.D. would have been a disaster, so I told I would look into it further on-line. And I found your fabulous money cake kit, it was just perfect.”
I used your fabulous kit for our grandsons college graduation from San Diego State  in May. Combined families, about 60 people gave him a surprise party then he turned around and surprised all of us by proposing to his lovely girlfriend. Then came the money cake surprise. $200.00 in ones, then 5’s, 10’s 20’s and a $50.00 adding up to $500.00. My husband and I had a great time in the preparation and getting it to San Diego in one piece. Everyone at this celebration thought this was such an awesome thing. So I thank you for your marvelous invention and would highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

  • Mindy S., Cedar Bluff, NE
“The website was very easy to order from and I received it very fast. I forwarded the link to friends so they could see what a fun idea it was too.”

  • Ana B., Phoenix, AZ
“It was awesome – I will be buying another one at some point – I brag about it all the time!!!”

  • KG, Albuquerque, NM
“As I pulled, I started seeing $1 and $5 dollar bills coming out of the cake. There seemed to be no end. When it was all said and done, I had pulled out $25. While this was just a demonstration, I was pretty excited as a 33-yr old adult!”

  • Yolanda H., Albuquerque, NM
“I love to make people smile and I love to see the reaction on people’s faces.”

  • Ralph G., Rio Rancho, NM
“The Money Cake made my 50th birthday unforgettable. It is an interactive experience. It was so surprising that so much money could fit in such a small cake. I felt like I was just rolling in the money.”

  • F. Stewart, Warren, PA
“…After the bow came off I had her (my granddaughter) pull the template and out came the money. I had put monopoly money in the first few envelopes and then the real money. She kept pulling and everyone there was thrilled to see the money come out of the cake. Everybody semed to think this was the best trick of all. The best part of it was we could still eat the cake. I am thrilled with the money cake & hope to use it a lot more.”

  • Adolph Gallegos, Rio Rancho, NM
“I never expected to see a cake full of money and eat it too.”

  • Henrietta Gallegos, Rio Rancho, NM
“I was so surprised when I started pulling money out of my cake….as I pulled more and more money, I wrapped it around myself and I got a $600 necklace!”

  • Marie , Chicago, IL
“I bought a money cake – everybody loved it -thanks for such a great memory!!”

  • Paige S.
“I had five real dollars sticking out of the top but attached to the dollar roll…when she went to take the money off the top she pulled the money out and away it went. She had great fun and everyone was so surprised!!!! It was awesome. Thank you again for making this a special day!”

  • Frances, Caldwell, Idaho
“I have already used your product five times. In fact, the other day was my birthday and my kids used the money cake for me. This was quite a surprise. I am used to making the cakes and using the money cake and not the other way around. It was so much fun. I truly enjoy the money cake and I know you will too. Additionally, I have always received exceptional service when ordering and receiving the money cake. In fact, I just ordered my second money cake kit.”

  • Dominique S., Austin, TX
“Thank you for everything. It was a huge hit and I definitely have your info out…even the people working at the restaruant stopped to see what was going on lol…everyone asked where I got it and how the cake worked :] thank you again!”