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Our Story

Growing up in a cramped immigrant household, space was tighter than my mother's hugs. We held onto everything with a "what if I need this later?" mindset, yet it felt like we had nothing. But amidst the chaos, I dreamed of owning my own set of pots and pans – a symbol of independence in the kitchen.

Cooking became my escape, my happy place amidst the clutter. Yet, the oversized cookware made me feel like I was cooking in a Tetris game. That's when the idea for Vuivi struck – compact, versatile, and full of personality, just like me!

Just like my first "big girl" $100 purchase on Teavana tea (remember those days?), Vuivi brings abundant joy! It's not just about cookware; it's about embracing the joy of cooking and creating memories. So, join the Vuivi family and let's cook up some fun together!


Nancy & Chris

P.S. Say Hi and follow along my food journey @nancyfooddiaries